Covert Ops Action Series Pilot, SHADOW WOLVES, Already Looks Like Your Next Favorite TV Show

It's not too clear where the landing pad will be for award-winning writer and director McKay Daines's new TV pilot, Shadow Wolves. What is known however, is the current career progression of Cody Walker since standing in for brother and late actor Paul Walker in the 2015 hit film, Furious Seven, however small it is with at least one film acting credit next to a few others for T.V..

It was that year that the now 29 year old newcomer signed with Paul's agency, thus marking a new beginning for his potential in entertainment. No one outside the grapevine really knows if this will continue into the remainder of Universal Pictures's Fast saga, save for whatever you choose to take from the online rumor mill, but clearly the burgeoning actor and frontman of global charity organization, ROWW, is starting small.

Alas, that segue now gets some debut footage with the recent release of an official teaser for Daines's new pilot. Below is a read-out of what the official website for Shadow Wolves entails for the pilot which is said to be in two parts with Walker leading. Just beneath is the teaser with our cast in full view, and with Walker demonstrably invoking some pretty ample action star gravitas. 

Check it all out below, and don't worry if nostalgic flashbacks from Furious Seven start kicking in... we're totally with you.

Colonel Branson (Thomas Gibson), head of a secret and covert division of the NSA, keeps the Shadow Wolves operating albeit now independent and rogue. He has a chip on his shoulder after his daughter was killed in Afghanistan training civilians and he uses that as driven motivation to defend “his” America and her borders by all means legal or otherwise. 

When ISIS terrorists begin to sneak across the US Border into Arizona, Branson alerts the Shadow Wolves to track and stop them. Branson sends Eric Shaw (Cody Walker), his most deadly and effective agent, to join up with the Shadow Wolves. The Wolves are led by Nabahe (Graham Greene), a Navajo honored military veteran, and an old colleague of Branson’s. 

At the same time in London Lady Milton-Simon (Louise Lombard), head of an MI6 anti-terrorist division, sends out an elite agent, Major McLaren (Tom Hutch), to track a terrorist named Khan (Solomon Shiv) who has a personal vendetta against the US and the Shadow Wolves. Lady Milton and McLaren learn Khan is heading to Mexico to be smuggled into the US by drug cartels.  Lady Simon sends another operative Zora (Sibongile Mlambo) to shadow McLaren. 

Shaw heads to Arizona to work with Nabahe and his wolves, a group of young, tough Native Americans, trained to use high tech and ancient tracking methods to stop drug and human trafficking, and now potential terrorists (Amara Zaragoza, Kiowa Gordon, Andrew Gray). 

The best covert agents the NSA has to offer, along with terrorist specialists at MI6 in London, join together through to work with the Shadow Wolves to track, find and neutralize the threat to the United States. If they miss their target, Khan will enter the US to join his sleeper ISIS terrorist cells and seek his revenge by killing tens of thousands.


Jordan Reeve