We cannot make truth, it is our business only to find it... and to illuminate it.
— Dr. Samuel Johnson

McKay Daines

Writer, Producer, Director

McKay Daines is an award-winning writer, producer and DGA director. His resume and expertise in filmmaking span over a decade and include feature films, documentaries, advertising campaigns, and television shows. Among his most notable accomplishments include True Iran: Global Jihad (2017) Age of the Dragons (2011), Heber Holiday (2007), The Dance (2007) and the recent award-winning documentary and TV series The Abolitionists (2016).

During his career, Daines' films have been awarded the Best of Fest and Best Feature Film Audience Awards at the 2007 Temecula Valley International Film Festival (Shooting Star); the opening night Gala Premier film and winner of the Best Narrative Film Award at the 2008 Foursome Film Festival (Heber Holiday); the Storyteller Award at the 2006 Redemptive Film Festival (The Dance); and the Best Documentary winner of both the American Film Renaissance Film Festival and the Liberty Film Festival (In the Face of Evil). Daines also produced the feature film Friends for Life which garnered over 30 independent film awards and he is currently the writer, director, producer of the new Michael Vey TV series (2017).