Vinnie Jones gets medieval in his new movie "Age Of The Dragons".

The former Wales international plays Welsh dragon-slayer Stubs in the flick,
based on the seafaring classic Moby Dick.

In our exclusive clip, Danny Glover tries to recruit the former
footballer and his rough-looking pals to join the hunt for the mythical
creature. And the pipe-smoking, ale-swigging tough guy opts to tag along.

Danny’s Captain Ahab is determined to wreak revenge on the beast that
slaughtered his family when he was young and left him mauled. He is helped on the dangerous quest by adopted daughter Rachel, played by Sofia
Pernas, who skippers the hunting vessel. Handsome harpooner Ishmael, played by Corey Sevier, joins the crew with his band of men, including Vinnie’s spear-wielding huntsman Stubbs.

Jordan Reeve